Saturday, 7 September 2013

Breaking News: ASUU Calls Off Strike .

Congratulations to all striking university students, the chairman of ASUU made an announcement,which is considered the big one for all university students. After calling off the strike,the media went ahead to ask,if the federal government has met the demands of ASUU.

Out of dismay,the ASUU chairman shook his head and said, he was disappointed with the media more than he is with the FG, saying the media formed a deaf ear to the strike, he said an average Nigerian does not know that universities are on strike,he went ahead to say when a student informs someone that his school has been on strike,they all would say, "oh….we no even know,uhna done suffer".

After expressing his anger he went ahead to say, actually the Jonathan led government is doing nothing concerning our demands,even after a closed door meeting with the education minister,where the president said he had so many issues to deal with now than to start spending more money on the
 so called universities, but just after the meeting, the chairman of the newly formed party ACP called the chairman of ASUU to a meeting with ACN, CPC ,AFGAN governors ,who promised ASUU that

they would give a listening ear to ASUU's demand and will do more, one of which every student will be given a bursary award which is to cover 50% of every student fee,that is,for spending 5 years in the

universities,2 years fee would be paid by FG,and every student who graduates with first class,would stand a chance to pursue their masters degree in Canada,while those with 2nd Class and Pass would continue their study in south Africa and Ghana respectively, also salary of VC's would be increased by 90%.After this meeting,the ASUU chairman called off the strike asking all student to resume at their various
schools on the first week of July 2015, that's about 2 years from now,of course after voting in ACP.
I hope you won't want to kill me after reading this, lol.

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