Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Exclusive : Interview with D'Banj on Deportation Story

If you missed the initial story on the Koko master's deportation from France click here 

Hot Swen Magazine was able to interview the koko master himself in his Banana island mansion.

H.S girl - Welcome back to Nigeria Mr D'Banj

D'Banj - Thank you babylet

H.S girl - We heard you were deported from Paris for getting drunk, is that true ?

D'Banj - My sister, it is the Hennessy people that gave me the bottles to drink don't mind them !

H.S girl - What happened between you and the French President's daughter ?

D'Banj - The girl was so endowed , ooshe, I wanted to be her scape goat, you know I'm an oliver twist na.

H.S girl - So you mean if you could rewind the time you would repeat the whole drama again ?

D'Banj - Of-course yes, just that this time around I would first of all send K-switch to go and sing "sister caro " for her.

H.S girl - Are you still an Hennessy ambassador ?

D'Banj - Errmm, they have removed me sha, but I am currently making some deals with Alomo Bitters so lets be hopeful.

H.S girl -  Ohh, it's been wonderful having you here Mr D'banj

D'Banj - Oooshe, you are a sweet kokolet or babylet I can make you a mamalet see me at koko lounge this night .
No long tin.

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