Sunday, 8 September 2013

UNILAG Bans Tight Jeans, Make-up.

Female students of Nigeria's university of first choice have taken to the streets to protest the new strict dress code imposed on them. The university authorities announced yesterday that no female student is to be seen in tight jeans or make-up around the school premises. Immediately after the announcement was made, the security men on campus swung to action and arrested not fewer the 120 girls who either had make-up or tight jeans on or both.
An H.S correspondent was able to have an interview with the V.C in his personal office. 
Read the interview below ...

H.S Girl - Good morning sir, I am Vanessa from Hot Swen Magazine. 

V.C - What can I do for you ? 

H.S Girl - We heard from a reliable source that you have banned the use of make-up and wearing of tight jeans in the university, what is the reason for this development sir ?

V.C - Well, you need to understand that most of these female unilag students are so fake, they don't want to be themselves. 

H.S Girl - What do you mean by "fake" sir ? 

V.C - Well, I picked up a really "beautiful" girl three days ago in the school premises and took her to my guest house . You need to have seen this girl in her tight jeans and "beautiful face" . She insisted on having a shower when we got to the room, I thought that would be even more exciting . I waited a few minutes then I went in to meet her in the bathroom, I almost fainted when I saw her.

H.S Girl - Why sir ?

V.C - The big buttocks was gone, infact it was now flatter than mine and her face was looking like my late grand- mother's 

H.S Girl - Did she change into someone else or what sir ? 

V.C - Ode ni e ! Common common shut-up and listen. I also thought I had picked a witch until I jumped on the bed so she won't get close to me only for me to see her fake buttocks " artificial pad" and make-up purse , sorry make-up Ghana-must-go on the bed. 

H.S Girl -  But sir, is that why you banned all female stud.....

V.C - ( cuts in ) Listen young girl, you are already annoying me , look at your lipstick sef and powder, are you a masquerade ? Stand up sef, let me see your buttocks.

H.S Girl - Sir ???

V.C - Infact get out of my office now .  

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