Monday, 28 October 2013

ASUU STRIKE : Pope Francis Threatens To Resign

In a worldwide mass hosted by Pope Francis today in Rome to celebrate the World Mission Sunday, he expressed great sadness concerning the current situation of Nigeria. The Pope said he was greatly displeased with the way the country is being ruled by President Jonathan.
Pope Francis noted that statistics have shown Nigeria to be the most religious country in the world yet so much corruption exists in the country especially among the leaders. The Pope ordered all Nigerians in the congregation to leave the church and go back to their houses and pray for their country. He also requested that President Jonathan vacates Israel and returns to Nigeria immediately. Pope Francis has given the federal government 72 hours to attend to all ASUU's demands and end the on-going strike else he would resign as the Pope. The Roman Empire has also threatened to attack Nigeria if the Pope resigns.

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  1. Lol, I can't believe I fell for this

  2. This is a nice write up. Nigerians are so religious yet there is so much corruption. People need to learn to start serving God truly and not just following the crowd



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