Saturday, 19 October 2013

ASUU STRIKE : President Jonathan Sacked

There was drama in Aso Rock Villa Abuja this morning as President Goodluck Jonathan and Mrs Dame Patience packed their belongings out of the Presidential Villa. The "former" First Lady , Mrs Patience was seen pleading with the authorities but her pleas fell on deaf ears.
An Hot Swen correspondent who was present at the scene learnt that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo came in angrily to the villa this morning to lambaste President Jonathan for allowing the ASUU strike to last this long .
Dr Jonathan who could not take the insults from "Baba" anymore started to return the insults and even went as far as criticizing Chief Obasanjo's regime as president and called him a balloon full of bad air. 
Baba kept quiet for a few minutes and when we all thought the drama was over, he shouted " Jonna ! You are fired". We thought it was a joke until we saw Dr Jonathan and Mrs Patience packing their belongings out of the villa. 
Forms have immediately been put on sale for candidates who think they have what it takes to manage the affairs of the country as president. The only requirement to purchase the one million naira form is that you must be a Nigerian citizen of over 18 years old. All participants will be put in a house for 15 days where they must display their leadership skills before the final winner is selected by Baba himself. The name of this show is " Who Wants To Be The President" and it would be televised 24 hours for the 15 days of the show on Hot Swen Tv. We wish you all success.

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  1. what ar you rili talking about here ?? is this a joke ? too expensive if it is ooo

    1. It's cool jor. every normal person knows it's a joke

  2. I wish this news was true


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