Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BBM Now on Nokia Phones.

Blackberry LTD formerly RIM announced this morning that they have merged with Nokia Inc. Both companies reached this deal after several rigorous negotiations and serious agreements. Blackberry lost 87 percent of it's market shares after launching it's BB-10 series of phones as they didn't get as much market acceptance as speculated.
Nokia has decided to come to Blackberry's rescue and the two companies have merged to form a bigger company , Nokia-Berry. All existing Blackberry and Nokia phones shall henceforth be called Nokia-Berry. So we have Nokia-Berry 9200, Nokia-Berry 8520, Nokia-Berry 9900, Nokia-Berry Z-10, Nokia-Berry Q-10, Nokia-Berry 3310, Nokia-Berry 3320 among others.
All existing Nokia phones shall automatically have the Blackberry messenger installed on them by 12-midnight tomorrow weather they are connected to the internet or not. The new Nokia-Berry BBM works without internet subscription, it is completely free. The company said no Nokia-Berry phone would be without the Blackberry messenger including the black and white screen nokia 3310 and nokia torch light phones. Users of these phones can now ping their family and friends on BBM all for free without paying for internet subscription.
The chairman of Nokia-Berry urges all existing Nokia users to send "Nokia-Berry" to 5502   if they don't find the BBM application on their phones after 12 midnight tomorrow.

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