Thursday, 10 October 2013

Breaking News :Another Plane Crash In Lagos

Captain Tega

The early hours of today brought tears to residents of a mansion in the Lekki area of Lagos as a plane crashed right in front of them. A plane flying just above the premises of Lagos big boy Okosi Kenwedu crash-landed shortly after take off . Reports have it that the plane was known to be in a far from ok state before being allowed to fly in the air.
When H.S correspondent questioned the CEO of Toy Plane Airlines, Mr Okosi Kenwedu he said the crash has caused a lot of trouble for him already. A source who simply identified himself as junior said he had earlier warned the pilot Tega and Co-pilot Doro not to fly the plane as the battery was already very low. Mr Okosi who was trying to avoid spending money to get a new battery and put the plane is perfect condition asked Tega and Doro to go ahead to fly the plane for selfish reasons. The government of the house has immediately seized the operating licence of Toy Plane Airlines. The aviation minister Mrs Precilia Kenwendu said the plane's battery wasn't low but that plane crashes come from God. The number of casualties could not be ascertained immediately but the pilots are live and were not injured as they were seen crying at the scene of the incident.

Captain Doro

This is not a joke but a message to the Nigerian govt . I hope Nigerian airline operators realize that they really need to start making sure their planes are in perfect conditions before flying them and that the aviation ministry really starts doing what they are supposed to be doing . FF @hot_swen on twitter to never miss a thing . ;)

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