Friday, 25 October 2013

Rapper Drake Celebrates 70th Birthday In Grand Style

Canadian born rapper Drake celebrated his 70th birthday today at the Hot Swen Lounge, Coventry United Kingdom. Ohh yeah a lot of you didn’t know he was 70 right? Well, he confirmed this himself at the venue.
The rapper who has risen to fame so fast had a lavish surprise birthday celebration organised for him by his grandchildren. He thought it was the usual grandpa-grandkids outing when they asked him to accompany them to the club. There were already strippers waiting outside to welcome him into the club. A lot of his friends, fans and well-wishers were present also. The crowd went crazy when an international music icon from Nigeria took the mic to perform. He was so entertaining and captivating that the ladies could not stop screaming his name “Baba Frayo, Baba Frayo we love you”.
After consuming so much alcohol, Drake was seen taking his clothes off but he was quickly stopped by his youngest grandson before he could take off his boxer shots. The 70 year old rapper really had good fun and we wish him a very happy birthday.  
NOTE: Today Oct 24 is really Drake’s birthday.

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