Monday, 21 October 2013

EFCC Arrests Barack Obama at Airport


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ,EFCC, declared bankruptcy some days ago after losing a case against a very influential Warri based fraudster. The commission stated that EFCC might be shutting down soon if they do not see a big case to handle.

In an interview with Hot Swen Newspaper at Abuja last week, EFCC spokesman Mr Kaka Bello said "If we don't catch a big fish soon, we might have to pack our bags and go home".
Many fraudsters and politicians have been celebrating over this news until yesterday. Yes they ran out of luck yesterday because the EFCC has caught not just a big fish but a very big one. Obama was is Nigeria to discuss some deals with President Jonathan .The commission arrested President Barack Obama yesterday at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport while he was about returning to the United States. He has been charged with a 2-count charge of purchasing pirated musical CD's on the road and also bringing dollars into the country without registering it with the Oga at the Top. As at press time, Obama pleeded guilty to the charges and has been sentenced to 6 months in Kirikiri mazimum security prison with an option of 10 million dollars fine to EFCC. His attorney has filled for an appeal.
Stay tuned for updates as they unfold.

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