Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hot Swen Media House Launches Billion Dollar website.

Yesterday, 0ct 21, was a wonderful day at Hot Swen Media House headquarters, New York, USA as the multi-billion dollar company launched a new beautiful 5D website for the pleasure of its readers.

The new website’s features include free calling facility for all its visitors to call their loved ones for free, a teleporting technology for visitors to quickly teleport themselves to any part in the world they desire to be in.
The website also has a button to download a sexy boyfriend or girlfriend who would come out of your phone or laptop and be of normal human size immediately. The most interesting thing is that you can customize your boyfriend or girlfriend. For example a boy could download his own Nicki Minaj or Beyoncee and even still edit any feature he feels like before downloading her to come out exactly they was he wants. He can take her out wherever he wants and she would always remain loyal to him and no one would ever know she was downloaded from the internet.
The website which cost over one billion dollars to build also has air conditioning, massage and vacation home features. Go to to enjoy these services. (Note: The features only works on PCs, mobile versions would be available soon.)

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