Monday, 14 October 2013

I Love Amala and Ewedu - Barack Obama

United States President, Barack Obama was interviewed this morning by popular Hot Swen reporter Larry King in his white house residence.
In this interview, he talked about his favourite food among other issues.
Read the interview and pics after the cut......

Presidential Amala and ewedu 
Amala and ewedu for Obama

Larry King : Good morning Mr President, God bless America.
Barack Obama : Good morning Larry
Larry King : Sir, Why didn't you help Egypt when their war was really hot but you want to help Syria now?
Barack Obama : Are you a learner ? Don't you know that Syria has oil and Egypt doesn't ?
Larry King : You mean you are helping them just to take their oil sir ?
Barack Obama : Were you sleeping on a bicycle before ? I am patiently waiting for Nigeria to start their own wahala so I can tap plenty oil if you know what I mean . ( GRINS)
Larry King : Do you mean all you are saying sir ?
Barack Obama : Do I look like I'm joking ? There is something about Nigerians that I like.
Larry King : What is that Mr President ?
Barack Obama :  They are great cooks, they have really special foods there, for example, there is one they call Amala, I love it. I love Amala and Ewedu very much, I ate that the last time I went to see my friend Jona at Aso Rock. He has promised to get me a small wife from Nigeria sef because Michelle cannot cook amala.
Larry King : Small wife ? Is the first lady aware of this sir ?
Barack Obama : Idiot, stupid question !!! Who even allowed you in here? Get out !!!

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