Friday, 11 October 2013

I'll marry Davido not D'Banj - Genevieve


The Koko master D'banj was in the news today for saying he wishes to have star actress Genevieve Nnaji as his wife. In his words, Banger Lee said “I would love to have Genevieve as my wife.  We never can tell what God plans for us in the future. I have studied her and I realised that anyone that has her as his woman has found himself a treasure. Just like the Bible says, any man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.”

Jenny didn't find this funny at all and she immediately went to her twitter page to express her anger. She tweeted " How can you say you want to marry me D'Banj !!! are you drunk on Hennessy again or something , you are not my type, you are not an OBO . I want to use this medium to tell you all that I'm already engaged to Davido and we would be getting married sometime this year and I would be arriving at my wedding in a private jet like Davido's sister . D'Banj abeg you are not my type ooo !!"
Davido retweeted Jenny's tweet almost immediately .

D'Banj who felt embarrassed and did not want to insult the beautiful actress immediately tweeted " I never said I wanted to marry Genevieve ooo, my account was hacked "

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  1. D'banj come and marry me oooo!!!

  2. What was davido's response? Buh 'm quite sure that jennevieve is stil banga lee's fish sooner or later


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