Friday, 25 October 2013

Kanayo O kanayo Arrested For Blood Money

The State Security Service (SSS), today arrested actor Kanayo O Kanayo for using several victims for money rituals. He was apprehended at his Banana Island residence this morning while he was pounding a 6 month old baby.

SSS commander, Mr Alex Bernard told Hot Swen correspondents that he got a call from one Salisu Ibrahim who hinted them that Mr Kanayo was about to kill a 6 months old baby kidnapped by his boys. Several human body parts were also found in his room. Mr Kanayo confessed to the SSS that he has been doing blood money for 15 years. He also told Hot Swen correspondents that he is responsible for the plane crashes which have been occurring in the country as well as all kidnap cases and Boko Haram insurgences. He has been charged to court and will be tried next week.

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