Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Must Read: How To Kill A Witch

This is an article everyone should read. We all know the world we live in is controlled by supernatural powers and there are so many supernatural beings. Some are good while others are evil. A witch according to Hot Swen spiritual dictionary is a supernatural being who is known for evil deeds.
The reason why you failed your exam is not because you partied all night instead of studying, it’s because of a witch in your village.
The question that arises is how do we kill these wicked supernatural beings? Here is a simple procedure you can’t get anywhere else.
1. Get  a bucket and fill it with petrol (Half Way)
2. Get a very good insecticide and empty the contents into your bucket.
3. Add a bottle of Hennessy to this mixture.
4. Get a crate of egg and break the eggs into your mixture.
5. Add a little lime.
6. Get the hair of a 6 months old baby and put it in the mixture.
7. Add a little gun powder
8. Boil the mixture in a big pot.
9. After it has boiled, urinate into the boiled mixture.
10. Drink half of it immediately and give the remaining half to every other witch you know.

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