Friday, 25 October 2013

Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby on Track During 400M Race

A 9 months pregnant woman left spectators speechless this morning as she delivered her baby during a 400m race. 28 year old Sandra Makay from New York challenged Russia’s fastest female runner, Bella Pova, in a 400 m race for the world’s peace runner 2013 medal worth 3 million dollars.
Sandra’s coach had initially advised her not to participate in the competition as she was already very close due date but she insisted on participating. Barely 3 minutes into the race, Sandra could not run so fast due to the weight of her baby and was far behind Bella. All of a sudden, a baby fell off from under Sandra’s skirt and then she felt light again and quickly overtook Bella. Surprisingly, the baby also overtook Bella within a few seconds. Spectators brought out their video recording gadgets and were filming the running baby. It was a really weird sight to behold.  Doctors believe it is not a strange occurrence for a baby to start running immediately it is born especially when it is born by an athletic mother.  

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