Thursday, 10 October 2013

President Jonathan's Children Kidnapped by Angry Students

There was commotion in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, today as a large number of students led by the national chairman of ASUU stormed the presidential villa, Aso Rock.  The villa’s security officials were overwhelmed by the large number of angry crowd and hence dropped their guns and fled from the scene leaving only the president and his family to face the angry students.

Hot Swen correspondent who was at the scene of this protest said the students were carrying placards with different things written on them. Some of the placards read “ASUU strike don give me belle”  “I am 45 yrs old already, when will I graduate “, “GEJ is a Boko Haram” . The ASUU chairman who led the protest spoke to H.S. correspondent saying “We have come to kidnap Jonathan’s children until he meets our demands, no retreat no surrender “ . 
Unluckily for Mr President, his two children Sandra and Junior had just returned some days ago from the US where they are in uni to spend the holidays with the first family.
Junior and Sandra Jonathan are currently being held hostage at the ASUU secretariat Lagos. A student who simply identified himself as Eru Iku said they will not release the presidents children until the ASUU strike is called off. He further stated that the president’s daughter Sandra would be impregnated and she must be enrolled in a public university in Nigeria together with her brother before they are finally released .
All efforts to reach Mr Ruben Abati, the spokesman of the president have been in vain.

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