Monday, 11 November 2013

33 Years Old Teacher Pregnant For Her 11 Years Old Student

A staff of H.S International Comprehensive College, Ikeja, Miss Helen Afolabi claims to be having an affair with one of her students, John George. Miss Helen went for a pregnancy test over the weekend and was confirmed pregnant at the H.S. General Hospital. She is a single woman who has never been married and claims that her student, John, is responsible for her pregnancy.

Sources told Hot Swen Media that Miss Helen has been so fond of John since he enrolled in the school last year but they thought she just liked him because he was a very bright boy. John, now in his second year at the high school, marked his eleventh birthday last week and was really pampered by Miss Helen.  They said John’s parents are both bankers who work till late night and they sometimes leave him in Miss Helen’s house till the following morning.
When Hot Swen correspondents contacted Miss Helen this morning, she said she fell in love with the eleven year old from the first day she set her eyes on him and that the feeling was mutual. She said “I’m not married at thirty three because I have been waiting for the right person and I have found that person in John. We love each other so much and we would make a great couple even though I’m twenty two years older than him”.
All efforts to reach John’s parents, Mr and Mrs George, have been futile. Do you think this is crazy or it’s just cool to know that they are both in love? We will keep you updated as events unfold.

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