Friday, 1 November 2013

75 Year Old Stowaway Man Found on Airplane’s Wing

A 75 year old man was found on the wings of a Boeing-747 British Airways airplane this morning. The Plane took off from the Muritala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja at about 7:00am today from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.
Everything seemed normal, the passengers were checked in and the plane took off right on time.
A few hours into the flight, the assistant pilot noticed some movements on the left wing of the plane. He initially thought it was a big vulture or a massive eagle until a passenger saw the man’s face and quickly raised an alarm.

The man was seen smiling at the passengers through the windows . He looked so excited and was obviously oblivious of the danger he was putting himself in. The pilot had to send a signal to the airport control unit informing them of the strange man on board.  The plane landed safely at the Heathrow Airport and the appropriate authorities were already waiting to receive the man there.
When questioned, the man simply identified himself as Gbenga George and said he had always dreamt of travelling to the UK but he had been denied entry several times so he decided to do what he did. Documents on him revealed the he would be 75 years old on the twelfth of this month.
The United Kingdom government has seen this as an heroic act and has promised to sponsor Mr Gbenga to the Airforce Training School, UK and also grant him EU citizenship.

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