Thursday, 28 November 2013

America Extends Obama Care to Nigeria

 The American government has extended the popular Obama Care to Nigeria. In case you don’t know what Obama care is, it is a new health care bill which was signed into law in 2010 under the administration of President Barack Obama to offer every American citizen access to cheap medical care through private insurance companies.

The USA government is teaming up with president Jonathan of Nigeria to enable Nigerians benefit from this care also. It will be called Jonathan Care in Nigeria and will offer citizens the right to free medical attention regardless of the cost of their medical needs.
Immediately the bill was announced on Hot Swen TV this morning, many private hospitals were shut down by their owners as they can no longer extort money from patients. Many medical doctors have also resigned and are now applying for lecturing jobs in universities as reports have shown that ASUU members might be the richest people in Nigeria by 2014.

The federal government stated that this is a very good development which takes care of so many issues at the same time. The senate president ,Emmanuel Briggs said “we no longer need to tackle the boko haram insurgency as anybody who gets injured by their bullets will be treated for free ,so boko haram carry go oo, we no fear you again “ . He also said dead victims of bomb explosions and plane crashes can be kept in hospitals and be receiving proper medical treatment for as long as their family wishes, even though they are already dead, it is all free.

The Lagos state government reacted to this by immediately inviting all commercial motorcycle operators to resume operations on all major express roads across the state and urges Lagosians not to use overhead bridges so as to enable the bridges last longer. Gov Fasola said “you can now cross express roads and use okada, if you get involved in any accident, Jonathan Care will take care of you”.

Many Nigerians have accepted this as a very welcomed development as many people have already been admitted into hospitals across the country today for jumping in front of moving trailers, attempting to steal from army barracks or jumping off tall buildings dressed up in super hero costumes.

What is your take on the new Obama/Jonathan Care?

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