Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ASUU Strike Update: Congrats Students Solution Finally

The federal government of Nigeria met with the academic staff union of universities yesterday at the presidential villa. In attendance at the meeting were the president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the vice president, Alhaji Sambo, The first lady, Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan and the leadership of ASUU and NLC.

The meeting lasted for over thirteen hours with both parties still not reaching a mutual agreement. The President said he was not ready to meet all of ASUU’s demands at the moment while the striking lecturers were also not ready to shift grounds.

Thanks to the quick intervention of the first lady at the thirteenth hour, a lasting solution was proffered. Mrs Patience said the current war between the striking union and the government should not have lasted this long if only she had been involved from the start.  She suggested that the federal government transfers all students currently registered in Nigerian universities to continue their education overseas.  Those on first class and two-one will be sent to the United States and United Kingdom. Those on two-two will be sent to Australia while those on third class and below will be sent to Ghana.
Both parties immediately accepted this wonderful suggestion and shook hands in agreement. The chairman of ASUU has commended the first lady for her intelligence and suggests that she gets more involved with the affairs of the country as it seems she has the solution to every problem.

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