Sunday, 17 November 2013

Check Out Mr May D’s Wedding Gift To Peter Okoye.

 As we all know, Mr May D was kicked out of Square Records some time ago. Rumour has it that he was thrown out for leaking one of Psquare’s songs. Immediately after his eviction from the record label, May D went on social media platforms to pour out his anger accusing the twins of being selfish.
The Psquare duo however never replied him online but they made sure they blocked all his performances at events by offering to perform at very cheap rates and sometimes even for free on the condition that Mr May D must not be present at the event. That’s the last we heard of the rift between the twins and May D.

The traditional wedding ceremony of Peter Okoye, one of the Psquare twins took place today in Lagos and guests were surprised to see Mr May D as one of the best men.
I guess they settled their beef without making it public. Yes May D’s presence was surprising but what was more shocking was the wedding gift which he presented to Peter. 
While the wedding was going on, a very large airplane was seen coming to the ground with full speed, many of the guests were so scared thinking it was a plane crash about to happen. The guests were about to start running for their lives before Mr May D suddenly took the microphone and announced “do not panic people, it is not a plane crash, it is my small gift for my brother here,Peter”.
The plane landed successfully without causing any injuries, though breaking a few empty chairs. Peter and his new wife Lola were very excited as they showed their appreciation to the ex-Square record musician.  The economic and financial crimes commission ( EFCC) came in to take Mr May D away shortly after this. 
We promise to keep you updated as we get more news. 

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