Monday, 25 November 2013

China Making Moves to Acquire Nigeria.

The Chinese government is making frantic moves to purchase some African countries by 2014.This development is as a result of a recent census which revealed that China is currently overpopulated. The country will soon run out of space to accommodate her citizens and the government has decided to acquire more land space.

We all know that Chinese technological advancement is very rapid and so is their natality.
Hot Swen Media interviewed a Chinese states man who revealed to us that everything in China now is about technology. Even child birth is now copy and paste which is the reason for the population explosion.

Negotiations are currently on with Nigeria’s senate house to see a possibility of acquiring the whole of the country’s land. Once this deal is sealed, every Nigerian citizen would have to apply for a Chinese visa or be deported out of Nigeria.  When asked where the citizens would be deported to, the Chinese immigration official said they will be sent to Libya to help in the war.

An unconfirmed source however, told Hot Swen Media that the Chinese might be moving to Nigeria very soon.

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