Monday, 11 November 2013

Chris Brown Marries 20 Year Old Nigerian Girl Secretly

Chris and Adaeze.
A source close to Chris Brown, told Hot Swen Media that the American musician got married to a Nigerian girl secretly on Saturday. The question on everybody’s lips is ‘why would Chris Breezy have a secret wedding’? So many people have been calling our telephone lines asking us to contact Chris to find out why he did this and to also get some of the wedding pictures.

When Hot Swen Media contacted Chris Brown on Sunday, his new wife Adaeze said he was in the kitchen cooking ewedu and he would be too tired to talk to us by the time he is through.
Hot Swen’s editor in chief, Miss Patricia Ume, paid the Browns a visit this morning and she was highly welcomed into their three million dollars Banana Island mansion at Ikoyi.
When Miss Patricia asked Chris about how it all started with Adaeze, he said “I met this beautiful girl on twitter, yeah I hardly have time to tweet but she was always tweeting at me so I invited her over after a while and there was a spark between us”.
Chris and Adaeze with friends
About why he had to have a secret wedding, Chris said “I did that because of Rihanna, she threatened to crash my wedding ceremony if I should get married to any other girl apart from her or if I get married before her; that’s why I had to come over to Nigeria to have my wedding, I’m sure she would contact you to ask for my Nigerian home address after reading this, please don’t give it to her”.
Chris and Adaeze Brown were looking so beautiful on their wedding day and we were able to get just two of the wedding pictures from the bride, she has promised to send us some more soon.

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