Saturday, 16 November 2013

How To See Through People’s Clothes With Your Glasses

Many of our readers, especially the male ones, have been sending messages to our science and technology department asking how they can see through people’s clothes without them knowing.

This is a topic many people will be excited to read. Imagine having glasses that enables you see through the dresses of the hottest girls in your class or at work. Yes it is very possible and here is our seven step guide to achieve this.

1) Get transparent glasses.
2) Soak it in detergent for 48 hours.
3) Put a little salt on the lenses (to penetrate the underwear).
4) Look for any dog around and apply the dog’s saliva to the lenses of the glasses.
5) Spread your glasses under the sun for 10 minutes to sterilize it. Note: This is to prevent infections
6) Remove the lenses from the frame and turn them inside out.
7) Put on your glasses, go out and see through people’s clothes.

Remember not to get caught.

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  1. it didnt work but., mreover dog bit me..

  2. I m scared of dogs so I used my saliva and I could see even thru the worked:-)

    1. Dude.. Yo serious..!? Did that work ..!?

    2. Hello Man,Is there any one who can guide me where to apply saliva,on one side of lens or on both sides of the lens


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