Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Jokes: Akpos In University (Funny)

Akpos gained admission into MIT to study Telecoms. There he became friends with an American and a Japanese.
One day they were having TEA together and trying to impress each other that their country is moving forward faster than others.

Suddenly the American started talking with someone, the Japanaese and Akpos were surprised who he was talking to, as there was no one else there other than the 3 of them.

The American said; OHHH it's the BLUETOOTH in my ear and I was answering a call.

The Japanese and Akpos were impressed....

Then a few minutes later, the
Japanese said I got to go, I just received an email via my Internet Wrist Watch that I had to meet someone.

The American and Akpos were impressed...

Now all of a sudden, not to feel intimidated, Akpos stood up and rushes towards the men's room.

There he picks up a tissue paper and puts half of it in his ear and left the other Half hanging out.

He then went back to the American and Japanese.

When they saw the tissue paper hanging out of his ear, they asked him; What is the meaning of this, what is coming out of your ear man”??

Calmly Akpos starts pulling the tissue paper out of his ear and said; OH! IT'S Nothing... JUST A FAX COMING FROM MY PEEPS BACK AT HOME.

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