Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Jokes: Poor Akpos In The Hospital

Akpos in a hurry entered the Ladies' toilet instead of the Men's toilet.

He sat down and noticed four buttons with the following inscriptions on them: WW, WA, PP, APR

Akpos was curious and pressed the WW button.

His buttocks was gently sprayed with warm water.

Akpos then said; I love this and pressed the WA button and a blast of warm air dried his buttocks.

Akpos said; Wow! I am loving this.

He pressed the PP button. A powder puff rubbed on his buttocks and made him smell fresh.

Akpos then said; Automatic toilet, look at how it is pampering me.

He pressed the last button, which is the APR button and woke up in a hospital bed.

A nurse smiled at him and asked; Did you press the APR button.

Akpos replied; Yes, I pressed it.

The nurse then said; APR means AUTOMATIC PAD REMOVER. I'm sorry. When the machine couldn't find a pad on you it went for your balls. Your balls are in this jar.

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