Friday, 15 November 2013

Peter Okoye Retrieves Range Rover Evogue, Lola Cancels Wedding

Information reaching Hot Swen media house has it that Peter Okoye of Psquare has retrieved the range rover SUV which he used to propose to his fiancée Lola Omotayo. 
The news was all over town when Peter gave out the beautiful 2013 Range Rover Evogue to Lola and many girls started putting pressures on their men to follow suit. 

A source close to the Psquare twins told Hot Swen news this morning that the car was rented and not purchased like what we were all made to believe. The Lease of the car expired yesterday and Peter had to get his baby mama off the wheels to return the vehicle back to the owners.
Peter’s Fiancée, Lola Omotayo didn’t find this interesting at all and she kept on shouting “what will people say now! How could you do this?! “An unconfirmed eye witness to us that she returned the engagement ring and said it was all over between them. 
Hot Swen News will get back to you with the full info as soon as we get more details. 

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