Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shocking : Basketball Player,Kobe Bryant, Gets Stuck In The Air

An American basketball player, Kobe Bryant left stares on the faces of spectators yesterday during the Obamacare Basketball Challenge.  Los Angeles Lakers were being trashed by the Chicago Bulls. Kobe was not full of energy as he normally used to be until the fans started cheering him.

The Lakers’ shooting guard .Bryant, felt it was time to take the lead again and win at all costs. However, things didn’t go quite as planned for him as he got stuck in the air while trying to dunk. Spectators said “Kobe just jumped up to drop the ball in the net, and then we realized that he was going really up, far above the net, then suddenly he got stuck while in the air”.

Fans tried to pull him down but their hands couldn't get to him. An helicopter was later brought in to get him out of the air, but Kobe remained stuck in the air for about forty-five minutes until Nigerian herbalist, Dr Abija Wara bi Ekun was called on the phone. He told the people to put the phone to the microphone so Kobe could hear his voice. He then chanted some incantations and Bryant fell back to the ground.
It was a really shocking experience and the American government has invited Dr Abija over to help them with some national challenges. He will be working directly with the president. 

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