Monday, 18 November 2013

Shocking : Talking Dog Found In Port Harcourt

A resident of Port Harcourt  woke up this morning as his dog told him “good morning master”. Mr Ayobami lives alone in his two bedroom apartment along Jordan road, Port Harcourt. He bought a puppy three years ago after his family traveled abroad. All he ever saw the dog do was bark at strangers but for the first time, the dog talked today.

Mr Ayobami ran out of his house with only a boxer short on. He was accompanied back to his apartment by his neighbours who doubted his sanity. On getting to his apartment, they all found the shock of their lives. The dog told them not to run away that he meant no harm. The dog, Sparrow, said “I never knew I could talk also, I just tried it today and it worked”.

When veterinary medicine experts arrived at the scene they said every dog can talk like humans, they just haven’t discovered themselves yet.
We will get you videos and pictures of the talking dog as soon as we can.

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