Tuesday, 26 November 2013

We Need Yahoo Boys to Generate Foreign Exchange - Finance Minister.

 The country’s finance minister, Mrs Okonjo Umeh, addressed news men today at a press briefing in Abuja. She spoke about several issues affecting the nation’s economy and how citizens can help the finance ministry in achieving remarkable results.

Mrs Okonjo said “Nigeria is very broke right now and needs as much foreign revenue as possible”. Talking about ways to generate revenue for the country, Mrs Okonjo said:

First, we have to realize that Nigeria is our great nation and we should be ready to do anything to move our country forward. . A lot of our youths engage in oil theft these days, it is a very lucrative business but what I don’t like is the fact that they are busy stealing their own country’s oil. Can’t they go and steal the oil from neighbouring countries and bring to us? We will even give them national honours for that.

Secondly, I am highly disappointed at my colleague, Stella Oduah for buying bulletproof cars. Look at me the honourable minister of finance, I have no police escorts or bulletproof cars but I make sure I go to my village every month to fortify myself spiritually. Oh please!!! What can a bulletproof car even do? As you are looking at me now, I can just disappear; can a bulletproof car do that? Well I will invite Stella over to my place this weekend to give her better training.

Lastly, Yahoo boys!!! They are a very important part of our economy; I think we should encourage them. They are our major source of foreign exchange for now. I was impressed with their achievements when I held a meeting with some of them last week. They have generated over a billion dollars in foreign exchange for the country this year. They have even promised to meet the demands of the striking ASUU lecturers. We are currently working on establishing a ministry of fraud and cyber-crime where yahoo boys will fully be involved in the affairs of the nation.

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