Monday, 2 December 2013

Ball Splits Into Two During Football Match.

The match between The Bulls of Eyinba and the defending champions, Kano Pillars, started off like any other match. Things however, got a little messy at the twenty third minute when Kano Pillars striker, Bala Musa, fired a very hard shot. The ball hit Eyinba defender, Efe Paul, on his forehead causing a minor injury. Efe was assisted out of the pitch by the paramedics so the match could continue.

After waiting for a few minutes, the ball was nowhere to be found. There was no extra ball on the field and the Kanu Pillars coach was seen dashing out of the stadium after collecting eighty naira from the referee. He purchased a new ball across the road and dashed back into the pitch handing over the new ball to the referee.

The game continued for some minutes until Bala Musa fired another hot shot which hit the metal bar of the goal post; the ball split into two halves. One half entered into the goal post while the other half went out. The Kano Pillars supporters have said the referee should count this as a goal because half of the ball was in while the Eyinba fans have protested against this, claiming that the important part of the ball is the half that went outside the goal post.

The referee, Ghandi Holt, who has refereed several matches including El-classicos and top world cup games was so confused and had to walk out of the field sweating profusely without being able to make a concrete decision.

Do you think it should be counted as a goal or not?

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  1. I think it should be a goal since part of the ball crossed the line

  2. It should be half a goal


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