Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The Costa Rican Flag

The Central American country of Costa Rica has expressed a desire to move into the computer era.
President Kiko Sombrero met with his two chief advisers and they discussed the possibility of a name change.

The president stated that he truly feels that Costa Rica will be a lot better off if they anglicized their name from the Spanish Costa Rica to the English version Rich Coast.
He pointed out that when the name is said in English it suddenly becomes a very powerful name with nothing but positive connotations.
President Sombrero admitted that basically it boils down to being a case of a country simply outgrowing its name.

A Costa Rican research study was recently made and 53 percent of the people were for the name change, 34 percent were against it, and 13 percent remarked that they would like the name changed to Banana Land.

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