Monday, 9 December 2013


The Federal government of Nigeria announced on Hot Swen TV today that no child in the country must be seen playing the popular police and thief game.
The game is very popular amongst Nigerian children in which they divide themselves into two groups, first group is a police group and the other group represents the thieves. The thieves hide somewhere then the police group searches for them and act like they are shooting them with two of their fingers when they find them whilst others use gun-like materials.

In a live broadcast on Hot Swen TV today, the country’s president said that this is a major security threat to the country as most of this children grow up into professional armed robbers. “This armed robbers are so sophisticated that our police cannot handle them , they kill police men like chickens , I am sure they have been practicing since when they were children , the problem is that the ones that play police don’t pursue that career but the children that play thief pursue their own career in stealing “ the president said .

Any child found playing police and thief from now on, the thieves group will be arrested while the police group will be enrolled into the police college for further training

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