Monday, 2 December 2013

Iraq Offers To Send One Million Lecturers To Nigeria.

New Unilag V.C
It is no longer news that university lecturers of public universities across Nigeria have been on strike since July, 2013. This has resulted in the partial paralysis of the academic sector in Nigeria. The federal government has tried to persuade the striking ASUU lecturers to return to their classrooms to no avail. The lecturers have insisted on a no retreat, no surrender stand, meaning that the government has to meet all of their demands before they resume work.

The minister of education, Mr Wike Wyke, announced on Hot Swen T.V network this morning that he had fired all the striking lecturers with immediate effect for refusing to return to their teaching jobs despite the intervention of the country’s president.
Following this announcement, Mr Wike urged all qualified candidates to apply directly to the federal ministry of education as the country plans to employ one million new lecturers. He further stated that applications from foreigners are also welcomed.

Immediately this announcement was made, Hot Swen news learnt that the Iraqi government has offered to send one million lecturers to all universities across Nigeria to assist the government.
some of the new lecturers
The Iraqi prime minister, Abdulgaza Robombnima said ‘we are prepared to help our brother, Jonathan, in Nigeria; we are sending one million Iraqi lecturers to teach the Nigerian students for free. I am sure after the first few lecturers, the students will be better strikers than their lecturers, we are going to major on bomb manufacturing and then have compulsory evening classes on suicide bombing. Boys will be in different classes from the girls and anybody caught cheating during examination will be shot dead right there in the examination hall. Any female student who exposes her wrist or ankle will be hanged to death’.

The federal government immediately accepted this offer and the new lecturers have already started arriving in the country. All students who were on campus fled immediately this announcement was made; many of them have however decided to go into music and blogging. 

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