Saturday, 14 December 2013


 Many Nigerians have always wondered who the mystery man behind the mask is. Lagbaja is a popular Nigerian artist with several songs to his name.

He is known for his unique costume which includes a mask to cover his face. Lagbaja however, broke defiled the mask tradition by taking off his mask at the Hot Swen concert on Friday in honour of the Late Nelson Mandela.

The musician was said to have been heavily drunk before he climbed the stage to entertain his fans. While he was singing, many of his female fans were shouting,” take off your mask, take it off” .
Everybody was shocked when he suddenly took the sacred mask off.
Lagbaja without mask
His management team however, immediately ended their contract with him claiming that he had signed an agreement never to take his mask off in public as that was his selling point.

He was later taken away by the police as his face matched that of a wanted criminal who escaped from prison some years ago. When Hot Swen Media contacted the musician, he said he was in the spirit when he took off his mask and he did it in honour of the Late South African Legend.

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  1. LMAO. If I hear say that's Lagbaja

  2. Dry joke.....*yawn_ JAY

  3. If this is Lagbaja then he doesn't really need a mask. This exposed face is enough scary and unique identity.


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