Tuesday, 10 December 2013


“To keep pace with our growth plans, we have decided to hire school kids for our Victoria Island Office. Currently our headquarters in V.I is understaffed, we have only about twelve workers there handling the work that should be done by over one hundred people so we have decided to hire primary school kids” the company said in a statement here on Tuesday.

Asked as to why they have targeted primary school kids instead of fresh engineering graduates, the MTN spokesperson said, “Well, there are basically three important reasons. First, the work currently done at MTN as a whole doesn't require an employee to think, all our employees do is advertise promos like, win a brand new aeroplane in the mtn fly and win promo, win a Porsche car, etc and I think primary school pupils can handle that .”

“Secondly,5-10 year old kids can be easily manipulated, which is very difficult in case of 20-30 year old’s -they just don’t listen. With engineering degrees in their pocket, they come with aspirations of doing some wonders in their career and this creates a problem, as company aspirations don’t match with theirs. What we need in employees is that they don’t question us back, they just obey our instructions”

"Finally, when our unsatisfied subscribers call our customer care lines and a baby answers their call, they will know that they are supposed to solve their network issues by themselves and stop disturbing MTN " he added.

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