Saturday, 21 December 2013


President Barack Obama shocked the world today with an unprecedented answer to America’s hunger problem.
President Obama announced the decision of printing edible currency in press conference lead by Hot Swen Media today which has drawn fantastic appreciation across the board.

When asked about the inspiration behind this novel decision, the President explained, “Americans are hungry because some selfish individuals have decided to inflate the prices of food. We have decided to start eating our money ourselves thereby chasing those selfish people out of business. This will bring balance in the economy and going forward people can’t complain saying that they don’t have anything to eat. Moreover when onion and vegetables prices are up, someone can abstain from entering the market.”

Displaying the new design of the edible money, President Obama claimed the edible dollars will be available in various flavours like onion, rice, wheat, vegetable etc. to provide a complete and satisfying meal to everyone.

Bill Gates has expressed mixed reactions about Obama’s decision as he explained – “I am happy that we will not be needing any storage and distribution infrastructure for our countrymen, however I am not sure how billionaires like me with limitless wealth can digest such a huge amount of cash.”

When some beggars in Chicago heard this news, they looked confused and demanded cent coins to be designed bigger in size, so that they can be fed with that.
As per information from global correspondents, other countries including Nigeria have started working on producing edible money also.

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