Saturday, 21 December 2013


The Nigerian Police Force has arrested a twelve year old boy, Obinna, for watching a Chinese movie on his phone.

Obinna is said to have been watching a very interesting movie on his Nokia phone while on transit in a commercial bus when he was taken away. His earphones were bad so he had to use the loud speaker of his phone to enjoy the movie to the fullest, not minding the other passengers in the bus. Unknown to the poor boy, a police officer in mufti was sitting right beside him. Obinna was arrested and locked up in a police cell before he knew what was happening.

When Hot Swen Media visited the police station where Obinna was being held, the officer in charge who happens to be the same one who arrested the twelve year old said “He was watching a movie with people jumping up and down and fighting anyhow. I was just hearing ya! Yo! Kachu! Cha! Chin! And the boy was just laughing as he was watching it. This is where these young people learn how to fight and end up beating policemen like me on the road.”

All efforts to secure Obinna's release have been futile as he is being denied bail.

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