Friday, 6 December 2013

President Jonathan Sets up Panel to Investigate Nelson Mandela’s Death

According to the Special Adviser to the President on Foreign Affairs, Mr Henry Abati, President Jonathan has set up a three-man panel to investigate the demise of the great African Legend, Nelson Mandela.

Mr Abati said the panel will be chaired by former Health Minister, Dr George Nwabueze and will include the National Security Adviser, Colonel Daniel Osakwe, and Air Vice Marshal Paul Dike. The panel is to find out how Nelson Mandela died and whether his death followed due process or not. "Nelson Mandela was no doubt a very great man and the greatest legend to ever come out of Africa. He was a great lover of his people and he stood for truth at all times. He will be greatly missed by Africans and the world at large.
I am not permitted to speak further on this matter but I assure you that we will get to the root of this ,“ Mr Abati said. 

We dedicate all our swen stories on Hot Swen Dot Com today, 6th Dec 2013 to the life of a great legend Nelson Mandela who passed on yesterday to greater glory. 

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