Friday, 20 December 2013


Following the split between Khloe Kardashian and her former husband, Odom Lamar, Hot Swen Media learnt that Khloe has been having some good times with Nigerian artist, Rugged Man. 

Initially when our attention was drawn to this new found love, we ignored it thinking it was a mere rumour. Kim Kardashian however, contacted Hot Swen Media confirming that her sister, Khloe is currently engaged to Rugged Man.  In a telephone conversation between Kim K and Hot Swen reporter, Sandra Smith, Kim said “my sister has been hypnotised by Rugged man, I didn't know when they started dating until Khloe recently told me she was divorcing Lamar for Rugged man, Please you all should join the Kardashian family in prayers as we try to save our sister from Rugged man.”

Hot Swen Media also learnt that Khloe might already be pregnant for the Nigerian artist. We would keep you updated as we gather more information.

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