Wednesday, 4 December 2013

USA Troops Flog Ghanaian Journalist for Spelling Obama Wrongly

Ten thousand heavily armed American troops have attacked a Ghanaian journalist, Kofi Kufor, for allegedly spelling the name of the United States president wrongly. Mr Kofi wrote an article about President Obama’s Obama Care plan in a Ghanaian national newspaper. Little did he know that the newspaper will be read by the American president himself.

In the article, Mr Kufor praised the Obama Health Care initiative and commended the president for such a nice idea despite so much criticism. What Mr Kofi did not seem to notice was that his computer’s autocorrect option was changing all the Obama’ to ‘Obeme.

A concerned American citizen who lives in Ghana saw the newspaper article and took it to the American Embassy which immediately forwarded it to President Obama. 
The USA president was so furious when he saw the article titled ‘President Obeme and the Obeme Care’. He said ‘Obeme means ‘ugly frog’ in Kenya where I come from, what nonsense is this’. He immediately ordered the same troops that fought in Afghanistan to go and give the Ghanaian Journalist 25 lashes of the cane each. He also asked relevant authorities to add Mr Kofi’s name to the terrorist list immediately after Osama’s name. 

After the lashing, Hot Swen media was able to talk to the Ghanaian journalist who was still groining in pain. He said “Charlee I didn’t know I was writing Obeme O, my computer language is set to Ghanaian and you know how we pronounce our words na. So the computer was just changing all the Obama to ‘Obeme’. Charlee, I don suffer oo, I no know why I no write about my own president I go dey write about Obeme. From now on it’s not ‘peppey’ it’s ‘pepper’, it’s not ‘wete’ it’s ‘water’. Chai.  

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