Thursday, 13 February 2014


The authorities of the University of Lagos have placed a ban on the use of cars by students of the institution. This development is as a result of several petitions written by the university’s lecturers to the school authorities.
The lecturers have complained bitterly about the oppression they go through on a daily basis by the students. Many students of Nigeria’s university of first choice, Unilag, drive exotic cars on campus while most of the lecturers have rickety cars.

A lecturer who simply identified himself as Dr Gurudeen highlighted several instances where he lost girlfriends to these students because of their flashy cars. Dr Guru said “some of them drive new Toyota corollas, Toyota Camrys, Honda Accords, even Range Rover Sports and Mercedes Benz. They are very intimidating”.

The university has therefore decided to save her lecturers from this constant torture by banning the use of cars by students on campus.

Immediately this new law was passed, many of the students went to park their exotic cars at home and returned to school with even more expensive and flashy power bikes, trucks, buses. A student who happens to be the only son of a well-known wealthy politician was said to have returned to school with a massive caterpillar while another student came back to school with a helicopter.

The university authorities have said the students are free to bring whatever they like to school as long as it is not a car. 

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  1. Iie of life..hw com u d only 1 carryin d story


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