Monday, 14 April 2014


Popular Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme popularly known as PawPaw has taken serious legal actions against an American basketball team for refusing to sign him unto the team after completing a six months training with them.
When Hot Swen TV spoke with the team’s manager, Carlos Twee, he said “the training ground is not open to the general public, only registered members are allowed. I have no idea how Mr Osita was able to register for training, we allow only players 6ft and above to register, he probably must have sent someone taller to register on his behalf.  I’m sorry we cannot sign him unto the team.”
The security men at the gate of the training facility told Hot Swen TV that Mr Osita was allowed into the training premises because he had a valid identity card with his picture on it granting him access to the facility.

When Hot Swen TV spoke with other players on the training ground, they said Mr Osita was always punctual for training and never missed a day of practise. “PawPaw was very active during the six months training, though he never got a shot right. I think the manager never noticed him on the court because of his height. It is quite difficult to notice him among 6 ft’rs like us and besides some of us do bring our kids with us to the training court “a player said. 
A furious Osita Iheme told Hot Swen TV that the team’s policy was to sign any player who successfully completes the mandatory six months training unto the team but they have decided to take an exception in his own case. Pawpaw said “Why didn’t they tell me from the beginning that I cannot play for their team? After I have wasted time and money they are now saying rubbish. I have already called Festus Keyamo, Femi Falana, I even called Gani Fawehinmi sef before I remembered that he was dead. This people don’t know who they are trying to mess with o. “

Hot Swen TV promises to keep you updated as more events unfold.  

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