Monday, 21 April 2014


 Paul Okoye in a one on one interview at the Square Ville, Omole Lagos opened up to HotSwen Media regarding the reason why the multi-award winning brothers P-Square recently broke up. Here is what Paul had to say :
“Peter mouth too dey smell, He has a terrible mouth odour. Since the beginning of our career ,it has hindered the group from reaching its true potential, every time he opens his mouth to sing during concerts people just keep on fainting because of the stench coming out of his mouth, luckily for us many people are deceived thinking they fainted because of our stardom. We have not won any grammy award yet because of Peter’s mouth odour. I have warned him on several occasions to find a solution to his mouth odour ,but he says I should mind my own business. Jude and I later asked him to stop singing and just be dancing in our music but he is just too stubborn.”
Paul says he can't just take it anymore as the odour is affecting his health negatively and could sink their music career and thus deemed it fit for the duo to go their separate ways. 

When HotSwen Media visited Peter Okoye at his new Lekki Phase one home, he initially didn't want to allow our correspondent in because we were all dressed like we were going for a fumigation exercise. 
He later allowed us in after we told him we were coming from Paul's house and needed to hear his own side of the story. Here is what Peter had to say :
“I know Paul must have told you that I have a serious mouth odour, it is all lies. Please one of you should volunteer to come and smell my mouth, I have very fresh breath and Paul is just acting childish.” Peter told HotSwen Media that the reason why his brothers Paul and Jude are against him is that they had agreed to share everything they had together including their cars and houses but trouble started when he refused to share his new wife,Lola Omotayo, with his brothers. 
“I had to park out of the villa because they usually come to peep at my room window at night when Lola and I are in the room. I am tired of all that nonsense, I’m done with P-Square and I have just discovered my real passion is blogging so I would be starting my new blog very soon, Peter Okoye said. 

HotSwen Media promises to keep you updated as we get more information. 

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