Thursday, 1 May 2014

Daddy Freeze Arrested for Wearing Fake Rolex Wristwatch

On Air Personality (OAP) working with Cool FM Nigeria, Daddy Freeze, was arrested earlier this morning around second roundabout, Lekki Phase1, Lagos by officials of the KAI squad.

Audu Rhaman, the leader of the KAI team that arrested Daddy Freeze spoke to HotSwen correspondents and here is what he had to say: “We were first hinted about Daddy Freeze’s fake Rolex watch by a concerned Nigerian some weeks ago but we never took the alert serious because we thought it was just beef as usual and the OAP wouldn't even wear anything fake .
However, we had to swing into full action this morning when we saw the said wristwatch again on a popular blog in Nigeria claiming that it was worth millions of naira and Jay Z even rapped about Daddy Freeze and his Rolex in his new song. Our job as KAI officials, like the name implies, is to Kick against all forms of Indiscipline.

What we found with Daddy Freeze is a fake Rolex watch and the Lagos state governor is really angry with people who wear fake stuffs especially wristwatches because he believes time is money and we would be arresting everyone wearing fake stuffs in Lagos state especially the celebrities  “ Mr Rhaman said.

The deputy commander of KAI said “ We would release this man only after he has made a public apology to all Nigerians for buying a fake Rolex watch and even allowing bloggers to hype it for him. He would also be made to sign an undertaking not to put on any wristwatch for the next seven years “.
HotSwen reporters were denied access to Daddy Freeze at press time but we promise to keep you updated as we get more information about this.


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